Sunday, November 28, 2010

LOVE! I have fallen in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chase Coy is a musician who I am in love with. His music is so sweet and soft and kind. It feels like it caresses you when your listening to it. The words are sincere, heartfelt, and real. When you listen to his music like really listen the words the melody and everything you feel like your floating in air. You feel like love actually exists. I love all his songs.
Check these sites out:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aren't sunday's supposed to be sunny days not cloudy days?

Well it's not actually cloudy where I live but thats how it feels. So yeah this morning I woke up to my mom yelling about how much of a disappointment  I am just because I left some clothe on the ground. Big deal right. Then I got dressed and went to church. And at church surprisingly we had a class on increasing optimism (yay!), which I found hilarious because this week my mom and dad have been giving us(me n siblings) speeches about how horrible we all are. (My parents aren't normally like this its probably because of stress well my mom isn't shes all for "omg sweetie your so amazing i love you" which makes this week where she tells us we're crap feel like my whole life is full of b.s. but oh well.) so yeah then in the car ride home we recieved some more speeches of how we are horrible children which is so funny cause my parents are strict with church and today they gave "the youth" a class on optimism and my parents aren't being very optimistic.

So when I got home I listened to this song "Telescope Eyes" by Eisley which is amazing because I haven't listen to them since I was in seventh grade and I started checking out their newer album and the first song that I clicked "Telescope Eyes" really relates to how feel. There are two version's the newer version and the older version. Personally the newer one has better vocals, but the older one the melodic line kinda goes more with the theme of the song but the newer one feels like when they sing "I'm just like you" that they feel stronger and that their standing up for themselves finally. But personally I like the older version but hey listen to them and decide for yourself.

here's a youtube link to the older version :


here's a youtube link to the newer version :


Info on Eisley:

Their genre on music is  Indie / Pop / Rock.
Sherri DuPree - vocals/guitars
Stacy DuPree - vocals/keys
Chauntelle DuPree - vocals/guitars
Weston DuPree -drums
(cousin) Garron DuPree - bass

"Eisley was formed in 1997 in their bedroom after youngest sibling, Stacy, wrote their first song at age 8. They performed first show in Spring 1998, grew in local coffee house/rock venue, played 100's of shows as unsigned indie for 4 years (1998 - 2002) in Texas, found and audience in Dallas's Deep Ellum crowd about the time Sunny Day Real Estate released their 4th record."

(source: http://www.purevolume.com/Eisley)

Friday, November 12, 2010


Hey so yea i haven't been on here in a while sorry about that. Lately its been hectic projects, papers, school, clubs, sports, and relationships. The song of this past couple of weeks that's been on my mind is "Until the Day I Die" by Story of the Year. In the band Story of the Year Ryan Philips plays the Guitar Dan Marsala does  the vocals Adam aka "The Skull" plays the bass Josh  plays the drums Phillip Taylor Sneeds does vocals and guitar. here's a music video i found on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9WKZpC9UbU