Friday, January 28, 2011

The Truth by me :P

You wanta to know the truth
Don't ya 
You are begging me to tell ya 
I'm kind of not the person you want 
I'm not the kind of person you need
I'm just a person you think you love
I'm just the person who doesn't know what she wants
I'm fickle as a fiddle 
I love to make noise
I love to run around all the boys 
In truth I love ya 
In truth I hate love 
It makes you hurt It makes you cry 
It makes you have butterflies all the time
You want to hear the truth
The truth is up to you
whether you hear what you want 
whether you listen or not 
we're only fifteen 
it's not going to workout
the whole world is at our fingertips 
I want to explore 
I want to learn 
I want to try new things,
but you have different goals in mind.
You just try hard enough to get by.
Our paths are different 
So this is goodbye.

All In All Is It Worth It? by me ;)

I love to look at people in love
I'm so grateful that that beauty exists.
Even though its not meant for me,
I love the way he looks at her
with those kind blue eyes.
I love the way she looks at him
not wanting to glaze away.
It's love
a hundred percent
not for me I'll always bet
I used to wish for that look,
but it doesn't seem realistic
I'm one of those cool chicks
I'm one of the gang
Guys look at me and think I'm a man
I shake things off
pretend to be strong,
but look where its got me
all alone.
Sometimes I wish for that moment
Sometimes I wish for that glaze
But when I think I've found it
I push it all away
I fear love.
I hate it.
It makes you irrational
It hurts when you've lost it
It hurts when you've got it
All in All is it worth it?
I Say Ye

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Parents by me :)

Mother day after day always working,
scuffing and toiling to make ends meet
at horrible jobs by honest means.
We hardly get to see her during the day,
but when night arrives
she still stifles the energy,
to see if we're in bed
and well fed.

Father works five days a week,
and always sleeps.
He has a tall deposition
with pepper hair.
Glasses high up his nose.
Tries to be funny,
but never knows the way his children
feel when their always told no
He doesn't want to understand.
He isn't their best friend.
He doesn't try to get to know them.