Friday, January 28, 2011

All In All Is It Worth It? by me ;)

I love to look at people in love
I'm so grateful that that beauty exists.
Even though its not meant for me,
I love the way he looks at her
with those kind blue eyes.
I love the way she looks at him
not wanting to glaze away.
It's love
a hundred percent
not for me I'll always bet
I used to wish for that look,
but it doesn't seem realistic
I'm one of those cool chicks
I'm one of the gang
Guys look at me and think I'm a man
I shake things off
pretend to be strong,
but look where its got me
all alone.
Sometimes I wish for that moment
Sometimes I wish for that glaze
But when I think I've found it
I push it all away
I fear love.
I hate it.
It makes you irrational
It hurts when you've lost it
It hurts when you've got it
All in All is it worth it?
I Say Ye

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