Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I'm sick of the rumors.
I'm sick of the lies.
I'm sick of the cruel jokes,
the pointed fingers.
So what I'm different,
so are you
get over it!
It's called life.
You don't think I know what people say
I do.
Our school is so small you need to be dead not to hear it.
I'm not oblivious.
I just ignore what you say.
Honestly get over the fact that I'm not the smiley type of person
So what I look sad
have you ever thought that I'm just pondering about something
I question things in life thats what I do.
If I'm mean to people its because I'm slipping up
and forgetting how I feel when people are mean to me.
Or I'm just being sarcastic.
Honestly I know I don't have that many "real" friends
but the friends that I do have I'll treasure forever
For them every tear is worth it
For them I'd give them the best
and get stuck with the crummy stuff nobody wants
For them I would do so many things because I know they'd do the same for me
And this is Highschool for crying out loud
I'm not trying to meet your expectations.
I'm not trying to conform.
I'm going to be me and smile when I want to.

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