Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not Fair

I'm just a joke to you.
You order me around expect me to listen
I used to look up to you admire you
but then I relized you don't listen to me
you just see what you want to see
you don't see that I'm unhappy
whenever I tell you something it goes in from one ear out the other
you tell me I can't hang out with people because you don't like my friends
you constantly say its to late to go out but that it's ok for my younger brother to go out but not me
don't you understand how much you frustrate me
I've been taking care of myself since I was little
you guys were never there when I needed you
and your never there now
When I cry you look the other way
I stop eating you tell me that I'm fat
I cut myself you yell at me for drawing on myself
There's so many times I want to scream
I question why I am here
I question why you say your my parents when you don't act like it.
Your just people who stop me from living life.

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