Sunday, July 10, 2011

I was tempted

Today I went swimming at a friends house. There was a guy there who graduated a while ago. He went to my high-school. He's eighteen. He's tall and sweet. He was my best friend my freshman year. I would go over his house to get away from my parents and just sleep there.( I used to have a crush on him) I saw him today this is the second time I saw him this summer. I was confused because he seemed like he was  into me. So I acted pretty weird and pushed him away. But he said I was cute it made me blush what a nerd right. He would pick me up and throw me into the pool. And he would get really close and hug me. It was nice because I missed those types of hugs. But I would push away. He also wrapped his legs around me. I felt safe and scared at the same time because he could easy do what ever he wanted with me. (He is stronger then me and twice my size.) I kinda wanted to kiss him for just making me feel special. I haven't felt that way in a while. But haha probably not going to see him for the rest of the summer. He said he was going to Florida he offered to take me with him. I would say yes, but that would be difficult with my parents. (they wouldn't let me go with him :( )

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