Monday, February 14, 2011

Why I suck at relationships?

Okey you must be thinking oh your a teen you shouldn't be worrying about relationships at such a young age, well thats a huge lie. Relationships are important no matter what the age because how your relationships are with parents, friends, brothers, sisters, etc. are essential to developing your future. Before I always thought that the person I would marry would love me for the way I am. Well guess what I'm not the most lovable person at times. If I was a boy and I was dating a girl exactly like I am I would dump that girl in less then a week. Sure it's important for the guy to love you as you are, but the guy is making the effort to make the relationship work and if you don't meet up with him and try your best its going to end like a mess like me and my ex- boyfriend.

I tortured him in our relationship meaning I was a horrible girlfriend. I was selfish. It was either you love me for the way I am right now or don't love me at all. And this guy adored me. He would do anything try to make me happy, but me as immature as I was I viewed his little loving gestures as an annoyance. And whenever we got into arguments on how I'm not  meeting him halfway or not even trying to make this relationship work or not showing that I cared about him. I would always say "well i didn't ask for any of this." What a snob right? Maybe if I knew what I know right now maybe the relationship could of worked out. But the past is behind us and I don't intend to try to go out with that amazing guy ever again because I don't want to inflict more pain and after what happened I doubt he'll ever view me as the wonderful person he fell in love with. All in all now that I've made the mistake I'm trying and learning how to become the kind of person I want my significant other to be like and I still have a lot of growing up to do before I can say I'm ready to have a relationship (that I will put my best foot forward in).

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